The Ensemble Aleph


A group of performers and composers, variable geometry set, the Ensemble Aleph displays a deep commitment to contemporary creation, unceasingly seeking new possible relationships between sound and text, movement and music.


Constantly enriched with new proposals, its programs offer rare moments of shared pleasure, an inducement to curiosity that includes revisiting headlight works of the contemporary repertoire, discovering new composers but also through manifold collaborations with performers from all horizons.


Often identified as one of the major sources of musical innovation, the Ensemble Aleph has also initiated the International Forum for Young Composers and the LIEU – European Instrument Laboratory, both sources of exchange, sharing and many projects developed together with various partners.


Founded in 1983, the Ensemble Aleph has performed nearly three hundred creations and some nine hundred concerts.

It seems obvious to it members today to go on asserting its founding values, endeavoring to continue the creation of a strong artistic and cultural project. Laboratory dedicated to research, innovation and experimentation in the field of music creation, the Ensemble Aleph remains very attached to various missions borne now for more than thirty years:


*provide support to young international music creation

By allowing young composers benefits of its experience, always in a spirit of sharing and conviviality – an approach illustrated in particular by the International Forum for Young Composers, with already almost seventy winners selected from twenty-seven different countries; but also through the growing number of collaborations with all young performers.


*design crossed artistic projects

Since the Ensemble Aleph nourishes its practice from individual and collective artistic encounters, emphasizing multidisciplinary and crossed universes.


*a cosmopolitan vision of its activities

Through one of its most achievements, the LIEU – European Instrumental Laboratory. Created in 2008, this network brings together different actors (composers, ensembles, distribution structures, centers of musical creation, radios, studios, etc.).