International Forum for Young Composers

Created in 2000 by the Ensemble Aleph, it's the 8th edition of the International Forum for Young Composers 


Following a call for scores launch on the internet, the Ensemble Aleph chooses 6 to 11 composers to be part of the Forum.


They are then invited to a creation residency in spring. During this week, they participate to the rehearsals of their piece and the pieces of the others composers. They will present their work publicly in conferences, musically illustrated by the Ensemble Aleph.


A logbook will be created during the residency, produced in collaboration with Katherine Vayne from the Cdmc - Contemporary Music Documentation Center - and the musicologist Makis Solomos. This logbook will include interviews of the composers and interpreters and will be diffused through this website where it can be download.


Finally, at the end of the residency the pieces will be recorded (only for the composers and interpreters benefits, not for commercial use) and a concert will take place where the works will be premiered.


The International Forum for Young Composers is also part of a mcommitted musical approach:


• allow composers under 40 years of age, of any nationalities and aesthetics, to meet, to discuss about their musical influences, aesthetics and their respective positions as creator
•   have their work performed by an internationally recognized musical ensemble
•   connect the young generation of worldwide musical creation to renowned composers serving as a reference in this field
•   present a panorama of today's international musical creation

More generally, the Forum is the illustration of a strong cultural & artistic project, that the Ensemble Aleph has been following since the beginning, year after year and with the same curiosity of the exploration of the musical field and the contemporary writing.